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Customised system developments
  Our customised Public Adress system for the Blue Train (see the Gallery for more pictures)

Customised System development

Our experience gives us the ability to develop and implement a wide range of customised audio - visual solutions.
These include but are not limited to:

  • Closed circuit Television
  • Communal Antenna
  • Fire Detection
  • Public Address
  • Background Music
  • Foreground Music
  • CD + DVD Listening Devices
  • Specialised Sound Domes
  • Listening Booths
  • Interactive TV Systems
  • Wireless Paging Systems
  • Bingo Hall Systems
  • Injection and silicon moulding for audio visual solutions
  • Audio solutions for hospitals and schools

Customised system for the Blue Train

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Blue Train (1)   Blue Train (2)

Blue Train (3)   Blue Train (4)

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